What Is Bilberry Extract Good For?

May. 24, 2021

Bilberry is a plant. The dried, ripe fruit and leaves are used to make medicine. Bilberry is used by mouth to treat poor circulation that can cause the legs to swell. Some people take bilberry for diabetes, high blood pressure, gout, and many other conditions. Next, the bilberry extract supplier will share it with you.


Bilberry is also sometimes used by mouth to treat eye conditions such as disorders of the retina, cataracts, nearsightedness, and glaucoma. There is some evidence that bilberry may help retinal disorders.

Blueberry and bilberry extracts are also promoted as dietary supplements to help reduce the risk of macular degeneration, the irreversible condition that occurs when the macula, the central portion of the retina, deteriorates. The retina is the tissue at the back of the eye that detects light. In theory, based on laboratory experiments, antioxidants can afford protection.

Bilberry Extract

Bilberry Extract

When retinal cells are exposed to hydrogen peroxide, a strong oxidant, they suffer less damage when bathed in a blueberry anthocyanin extract. That, however, is light-years from concluding that dietary anthocyanin supplements can help with macular degeneration. No clinical trials have looked at the effects of anthocyanin supplements on macular degeneration so that right now there is no basis for recommending berry extracts for any eye problem. But there is consensus that incorporating berries into the diet is a good thing to do.

How to add bilberries to your diet?

There are many ways to add bilberries to your diet.

They have a similar yet slightly more intense flavor than blueberries. You can eat them fresh or dried, on their own, or as part of any recipe that might include blueberries.

For instance, bilberries make a great addition to pancakes, muffins, and other baked goods. You can also include them in smoothies, oatmeal, salads, and yogurt parfaits.

Plus, they can be used to make jam, or you can simply mash them with a fork to use as a quick spread on your toast.

Bilberry supplements are an alternative way to add this fruit to your diet. They can be found as drops or in the form of powdered tablets or capsules in health stores and online.

However, the whole fruit may be more beneficial, as it likely provides an array of other nutrients not found in most supplements.


How does it work?

Bilberry contains chemicals called tannins that can help improve diarrhea, as well as mouth and throat irritation, by reducing swelling (inflammation). There is some evidence that the chemicals found in bilberry leaves can help lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels.


Bilberries grow in Europe but are close relatives of the North American blueberry and the two have similar anthocyanin content. Some cultivars of blueberries have a greater antioxidant effect than bilberries but this has no practical significance. For both berries, the highest concentration of anthocyanins is in the skin.

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