What Are the Benefits of Grape Seed Extract?

Dec. 30, 2020

The grape seed extract is a substance extracted from the common wine grape. This extract is usually sold as a supplement and it comes in different forms such as liquid, tablets or capsules.

Recently published research has brought grape seed extract to fame overnight. Evidence suggests that grape seed extract contains antioxidants and a variety of other compounds that are beneficial in improving your health. Read this article to learn how the benefits and actions of the grape seed extract can benefit your health.

Grape Seed Extract

Advantages of grape seed extract

1. High proanthocyanidin content

In recent years, the incidence of skin cancer due to sun exposure has been very high. In the United States alone, approximately more than 1 million people develop various types of skin cancers each year. Dr. Ketil's search for an effective drug to prevent and control skin cancer has become a topic of interest in the medical community today. Grape seed extract proanthocyanidins are generally found in the skin of the fruit and the woody part of the plant, and their main role is to protect the easily oxidized part of the plant. In the 1970s, French scientists discovered that grape seeds were an important source of proanthocyanidins and that grape seed extracts could contain up to 95% proanthocyanidins. Previous studies have shown that proanthocyanidins extracted from grape seeds have a very wide range of actions.

2. Beauty and health benefits

In Europe and the United States, grape seed extract is known as a "skin vitamin" and an "oral cosmetic". The collagen and elastin contained in the skin play an important role in the entire structure of the skin, and grape seed extract can promote moderate cross-linking of collagen, effectively scavenging free radicals, thus making the skin smooth and supple. Grape seed extract OPC has a strong antioxidant capacity, 50 times that of vitamin E. It can slow down the aging process and is known as the "skin vitamin", 20 times that of vitamin C. The phenolic anthocyanins in it have a whitening effect according to their fat-soluble and water-soluble qualities. Europeans call grape seed a natural oral cosmetic, it can rejuvenate collagen and make the skin smooth and elastic. Grapeseed is also a natural sunshade that blocks UV rays from attacking the skin. Studies have found that grape seed extract has free radical scavenging, antioxidant, anti-prostate cancer, and anti-liver tumour effects, as well as fighting nervous system damage.

3. Improve visual function

A human trial was conducted on the role of grape seed extract proanthocyanidins in improving eye fatigue. 75 cases of eye fatigue patients who worked in front of a display screen for a long time were given 300mg of grape seed extract proanthocyanidins daily, and after two months, their relative sensitivity and objective symptoms were significantly improved.

4. Reduce blood lipids

The grape seed extract is rich in more than 100 kinds of effective substances, among which unsaturated fatty acids ----- linoleic acid (is a kind of human body necessary but can not be synthesized) accounted for 68-76% of the top of the oil crops, it is unsaturated to the saturated state to consume 20% of cholesterol, can effectively reduce blood lipids.

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