Extraction Process of Anthocyanin

Apr. 11, 2020

The bilberry extract is one of the core products in Shaanxi Youbio Technology Co., Ltd. The bilberry fruits come from the Scandinavian forest in northern Europe. Every year August to September is picking period. Due to terrain restrictions, all fruits are picked manually, also select to remove bad and rotten fruits, the fruits are frozen quickly and packaged by paper bags after selected, then transport to Shanghai port and our cold storage by the cold chain.

Extraction Process of Anthocyanin

Origin shooting

The bilberry become as the Anthocyanin 25% after undergoing the following extraction process

Frozen fruit——Shatter——Extract——Filter——Concentration——Hydration——Filter——Concentrate——Spray drying——Sifted——Assay——Package

Extraction Process of Anthocyanin

Extraction Process of Anthocyanin

Extraction Process of Anthocyanin

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