konjac ceramide

Product Name: Konjac Ceramide

Source: Konjac powder

Molecular formula: C34H66NO3R

Molecular weight: 536.89

CAS: 100403-19-8

Mesh: 60 mesh

Origin of raw materials: China

Appearance: off-white loose powder

Specifications: 5%, 10% HPLC-ELSD


Product Details


China has been cultivating and using konjac as early as 3,000 years ago and has abundant konjac resources in southern provinces and other places. Konjac is rich in glycosides, such as glucomannan, mannan,3,4-dihydroxybenzaldehyde D-glucoside, Sphingosomal lipids, etc.

Phytoceramide has advantages that natural and safe synthetic ceramides do not have. The Phytoceramide on the market are isolated and extracted from rice bran, konjac flying powder, pineapple leaves, eucalyptus leaves, and other plants. Among them, the content of ceramide in konjac flour is the highest, reaching 0.15%-0.2%. It is more than ten times that of other plant materials.

Efficacy overview:

1. Ceramide has a strong ability to associate with water molecules. It maintains the skin's moisture through a network-shaped structure formed in the stratum corneum. Ceramide can form a network-shaped structure in the cuticle of the epidermis to associate water molecules and keep the skin hydrated.


2. During skin aging, lipid synthesis decreases and the content of ceramide in the stratum corneum decreases, such as dry skin, desquamation, roughness, and loss of luster; the use of ceramide can increase the content of ceramide in the stratum corneum of the skin and improve the skin symptoms such as dryness, desquamation, and roughness. Meanwhile, ceramide can increase the stratum corneum thickness of the skin, improve the skin's ability to hold water, reduce wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, and delay skin aging.

3. The causes of skin allergies are multiple. According to relevant reports, skin allergies caused by skincare and beauty cosmetics account for more than 70%.


Application areas:

Ceramide can be added to cosmetics and widely used in functional foods. It has become a hot spot for functional ingredients. After taking ceramide, it is absorbed by the small intestine, transferred to the blood, and then transported to the whole body to make skin cells have good recovery and regeneration. Moreover, it can also achieve in vivo ceramide biosynthesis.