Specification: ≥98%

Appearance: Dark blue Crystal or Viscous Liquid

Molecular formula: C15H18

Molecular Weight: 198.3034

Bulk Density: 0.961g/cm3

Package: 25kg export-grade cardboard barrels as outer package; double layer food grade plastic bags as inner package

Storage Condition: Stored in a cool dry place and Keep away from strong light and heat

Shelf life: 2 years

Appearance: Dark blue Crystal or Viscous Liquid, once exposed to light, and it turns from dark blue to green and turns yellow finally




Product Details

What is Guaiazulene

Guaiazulene, also azulon or 1,4-dimethyl-7-isopropylazulene, is a dark blue crystalline hydrocarbon. A derivative of azulene, guaiazulene is a bicyclic sesquiterpene that is a constituent of some essential oils, mainly oil of guaiac and chamomile oil, which also serve as its commercial sources.

About Guaiazulene

Guaiazulene is a very non-irritating ingredient, and when used as a colorant, it is well tolerated even on allergic skin. This is why the most common use of Guaiazulene in skin care is as a natural pigment. The natural form of Guaiazulene is similar to an oil, which is why it cannot be dissolved, but can be used as a coloring agent in many topical ointments and creams.

Guaiazulene is a main active ingredient that reduces the redness and swelling stage of acne, thereby promoting clearer skin, and has antioxidant properties that can reduce the effects of free radicals on the skin, making it effective in the form of sunscreens, such as noon blue Color sunscreen lotion.
Guaiazulene also shows anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-spasm, antibacterial, antipyretic, anti-ulcer and anti-fungal properties, and can also help sleep and other diseases.


Guaiazulene has the function of anti-inflammatory and promoting tissue granulation regeneration, it can promote burn wound healing, and anti-heat, anti-radiation, and anti-chapping. It is mostly used in treatment for Burns, chaps, chilblains, eczema, dermatitis and has the effect of preventing high heat radiation, anti-inflammation and pain relieving.



It can be applied to the treatment of Bronchitis and asthma, rheumatism, allergic gastritis, colitis, eczema, X-ray burns; Besides, It is also widely used in Ointment, grease, soap and mouthwash etc.


We are a supplier of guaiacol(cas:489-84-9) directly from the place of origin, with preferential prices and quality assurance; we are committed to providing natural, healthy and reliable materials for the food, pharmaceutical, dietary supplement and cosmetic industries, and provide active ingredient screening.

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