Black Rice Extract

Source: Oryza sativa

Origin of raw materials: China

Used part: seeds

Appearance: dark purple powder

Specifications: Anthocyanidins: 5%, 10%, 15%, 25% by UV

Anthocyanins: 7%, 15%, 22%, 36%% by HPLC


Product Details


Black rice is a kind of rice used for medicine and food. It is classified as glutinous rice and is called "medicinal rice" and "longevity rice". It contains crude proteins, crude fats, carbohydrates, crude ash, vitamins, trace elements, manganese, zinc, copper and other inorganic salts and amino acids. It is a characteristic variety obtained through long-term cultivation of rice in the gramineous plant family. There are two types of grains: indica and japonica. Grains are divided into waxy and non-waxy types. Brown rice is black or dark brown. Black rice appears black and is rich in nutrition. It is well-known as "black pearl" and "king of rice in the world".

The content of manganese, zinc, copper and other inorganic salts in black rice is 1-3 times higher than rice. It also contains Vitamin C, chlorophyll, anthocyanidins, and carotene, which are lacking in rice. It is more nutritious than normal rice.


Efficacy overview:

1. Black rice extract has anti-aging effects. The anthocyanidin pigment in black rice husk shows excellent anti-aging effect. Studies at home and abroad indicate that the darker the rice color is, the better the anti-aging effect of the husk pigment. The effect of black rice pigment is the best among the rice in various colors. Moreover, such pigment is also rich in flavonoid active substances, which is 5 times that of white rice and has perfect effect on the prevention of arteriosclerosis.

2. Black rice extract can control blood sugar and blood pressure. Minerals such as potassium and magnesium in black rice are helpful in controlling blood pressure and reducing the risks of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


Packaging and shipping:

25 kg export-grade cardboard barrels as outer package; double-layer food-grade plastic bag as inner package

25 kg/barrel

Shipped by air, by sea and by express.


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