Red Clover Extract

Plant source: Trifolium Pratense L

Origin: China

CAS: 977150-97-2

Appearance: dark green to brown green powder

Specifications: 8%, 20%, 40% HPLC


Product Details


Trifolium Pratense L is a leguminous perennial herb and also known as red clover and clover. Native to Europe and West Asia, it is now widely distributed around the world. It is a kind of plant in the temperate zone and cultivated in northern and southern China. Red clover contains flavonoids, proteins, amino acids, sugars and vitamins. Specifically, isoflavones have attracted much attention because of their phytoestrogen-like effects and anticancer effect of flavonoids.

Trifolium Pratense L extract is extracted from stems and leaves with flowers. Such extract is usually standardized to contain 8%, 20%, and 40% of Bilchanin. The ingredients include formononetin, Biochanin A, daidzein and genistein, accounting for 73-76%, 23-25%, less than 1% and less than 1%, respectively.

The main active ingredients of Trifolium Pratense L extract include isoflavones, such as Biochanin (Biochanin A), formononetin, daidzein, genistein, sission, ononin, daidzin, genistein, etc.


Function and usage:

The active ingredients of Trifolium Pratense L extract are isoflavones and phytoestrogens, which have certain effects on the prevention of breast, prostate and colon cancers and the improvement of osteoporosis and menopausal symptoms in women. With a wide range of clinical applications, it is a promising natural healthcare food.


Packaging and shipping:

25 kg export-grade cardboard barrels as outer package; double-layer food-grade plastic bag as inner package

25 kg/barrel

Shipped by air, by sea and by express.

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