Plant source: Laminaria japonica

Origin: Okinawa area

Molecular formula: C42H58O6

Molecular weight: 4658.91

CAS: 3351-86-8

Appearance: light yellow to brown powder

Specifications: 5%, 10%


Product Details


Fucoxanthin is a natural pigment of lutein in carotenoids, accounting for more than 10% of the total amount of approximately 700 naturally carotenoids. It is yellowish to brown. It is the pigment contained in brown algae, diatom, gold algae and yellow green algae. It is widely found in various algae, marine phytoplankton, aquatic shellfish and other animals and plants.

Fucoxanthin and Amarouciaxanthin A are the main primary metabolites of fucoxanthin. The ingested fucoxanthin is hydrolyzed into fucoxanthol by digestive enzymes (e.g. lipase and cholesterol esterase) in the gastrointestinal tract, and then enters the systemic circulation through the lymph. Part of the fucoxanthin is degraded into Amarouciaxanthin A in the liver. Fucoxanthin and Amarouciaxanthin A are then metabolized by enzymatic reactions such as isomerization, dehydrogenation, deacetylation, oxidation, and demethylation.

High-purity fucoxanthin is unstable to heat and easily oxidized. However, the fucoxanthin extract obtained from algae has stability due to the co-existence of antioxidant substances (e.g. polyphenols). The fucoxanthin pigment is sensitive to light, and its stability will be greatly improved when stored in the dark. Moreover, other antioxidants protect fucoxanthin from degradation. In addition, the fucoxanthin pigment is more stable under neutral pH conditions than neutral and acidic ones, with maximum stability at pH 9 and most unstable under acidic conditions. Fucoxanthin in seaweed is stable during dry processing and storage at room temperature.


Function and usage:

Fucoxanthin has the following effects:

1. It can be used for weight loss health care. It can also be applied to various foods, such as butter, pies, green tea crisps and other baked foods, to increase product color and functionality.

2. It can be used for egg yolk colorant.

3. Skincare and beauty products

4. As a medicine, it is used for the treatment of skin cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer and other cancers.


Packaging and shipping:

25 kg export-grade cardboard barrels as outer package; double-layer food-grade plastic bag as inner package

25 kg/barrel

Shipped by air, by sea and by express.