What are the Benefits of Ceramide 3?

Jun. 07, 2022

Ceramide 3 produced by Shaanxi Youbio Technology Co., Ltd. is synthesized from phytosphingosine derived from fermentation. The content of this product is as high as 98%, which is closer to natural ceramide in source. Compared with pure synthetic ceramide-like raw materials, it has higher safety and higher skin affinity.

Anairui Ceramides Serum

Anairui Ceramides Serum 

Ceramide 3 is divided into 3A and 3B. 3A is composed of saturated fatty acid and plant sphingosine. 3B is composed of unsaturated fatty acids and plant sphingosine.

Ceramide 3A has a long-lasting moisturizing effect. Can improve the dryness and aging of the skin. Enhance the barrier function of skin's natural liposomes against external aggressions.  

In addition, it can also inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in melanocytes, and can make the skin white and crystal clear.

Ceramide 3B promotes the renewal of the skin's natural protective layer and forms an effective barrier, thus inhibiting the loss of skin moisture. Especially suitable for repairing sensitive and dry skin.


The recommended concentration is from 0.05%-0.5% up to 1.0%.

Naturekind Moisture Mega Cream

Naturekind Moisture Mega Cream

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