What can help sleep?

There are two substances in the extract of jujube seed, betulin and betulinic acid.

Betulinic acid CAS:472-15-1

Also called betulinic acid, it can be extracted from rose apple leaves, birch bark, and jujube kernels; it can also be obtained by chemical synthesis using betulin alcohol as a raw material.


  • Betulinic acid has a sedative and hypnotic effect.

  • Betulinic acid has the effects of pain, anticonvulsant and cooling.

  • Betulinic acid is beneficial to the cardiovascular system and can continuously reduce blood pressure and heart block.

Advantages of Griffonia Seed Extract

Griffonia Seed Extract CAS:56-69-9

  1. Improve depression.

  2. Promote the formation of melatonin.

  3. Improve sleep quality and suppress appetite.

Application of extract products

Our products can be applied to actual products, such as the raw materials of antidepressants, the main ingredients to help sleep, and so on.

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