Rainbow after the Rain

May. 26, 2020

At around 18 o'clock on May 21st, the rainbow appeared in Sanyuan County, where our factory is located (photographed by mobile phone).

In the afternoon of the same day, showers appeared in Sanyuan County, intermittently, and around 18 o'clock, there was a beautiful view of clearing in the west and cloudy in the east. At the same time, a beautiful rainbow landscape with a north-south span appeared on the east side. The rainbow lasted for about 10 minutes. The background in the picture is our factory--Sanyuan Lihua Bio-tech Co., Ltd. Under the rainbow, Lihua is like a young man with a strong body, full of youthful vitality and pure and lovely.

Since the spread of COVID-19, every employee in our company has been concerned about this anti-epidemic battle. To help win this battle as soon as possible, we actively fulfill our social responsibilities, actively donate donations and materials, obey the government' s command, and carry out resumption of work and production in an orderly manner, striving to achieve the anti-epidemic and resumption of production at the same time.

Today's rainbow after the rain is like a horn on the occasion of the victory of the "anti-epidemic battle", giving us confidence and strength. YouBio will work together with the people of China and even the whole world to actively undertake the social responsibilities during the anti-epidemic period, meet the difficulties and take the initiative to jointly meet the "rainbow" after this battle.

 Rainbow after the Rain

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