How To Use Aloe Vera In Skincare?

Aug. 15, 2022

As a cosmetic ingredient, aloe vera is widely used in many mainstream skincare and cosmetic products. This plant is very skin-friendly, has a low risk of causing allergies, sensitivities, or skin reactions, and is versatile. It is commonly found in after-sun products as well as in the face, hair, and body treatments. This article will focus on how to use aloe vera in skin care.


How to use aloe vera in skincare?

Aloe Vera is a water-soluble ingredient that can be added to water-based formulations such as toners, foams, and lotions.


Ingredient form.

Aloe vera oil is usually the product of infusing aloe vera powder into oil to produce an extract containing the lipophilic components of aloe vera. Keep in mind that these lipophilic ingredients are different in nature than aloe vera gel or aloe vera powder, and that aloe vera is composed primarily of water and contains very little of these lipophilic ingredients.


When using aloe vera oil, check the oil used for impregnation and make sure it meets the goals you have set for your formulation. Also check for other additives, such as vitamin E, for example.

Aloe Vera Lyophilized Powder

Aloe Vera Lyophilized Powder


Aloe Vera powder can be dissolved in water or pure lotion to form a solution. In other words, it does not form a gel. If you want a gel-like appearance when using aloe vera powder in a cosmetic formulation, add a gelling agent.



Check which other ingredients form part of the aloe vera composition you are using. It is always worth checking that the product you are buying does not contain preservatives or other additives that can interfere with or affect other ingredients in the formulation.



Aloe Vera is a safe ingredient, but the amount used depends on the form of Aloe Vera you use in your skincare products. Always follow the recommendations of your supplier.


Stability issues.

Due to the high electrolyte content, aloe vera can affect the stability of lotions; take this into account when designing your formulations.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera


Contamination Risks.

Since aloe vera is a rich material that provides a suitable environment for microbial growth, it is important to avoid contamination using an appropriate preservative system. We hope this article has cleared up many of the questions you may have about using aloe vera in natural skin care formulations and encourage you to try it in its many forms.


Is aloe vera harmful to my skin?

Aloe vera comes in many forms as a cosmetic ingredient, and not all are suitable for facial cosmetic use. Avoid aloe vera leaf secretions, which often contain several ingredients that cause skin irritation and erythema (redness). However, aloe vera gel is often used in after-sun products to soothe the skin. Once hydrated in cosmetic formulations such as lotions, micellar waters, and toners, the gel and its powder derivatives form a rich source of moisturizing, water-loving polysaccharides. Its structure forms a protective film for the skin that helps protect the epidermis and the skin's ability to repair itself. Aloe Vera gel also contains vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and enzymes that provide skin-soothing properties.


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