Annatto Orange Pigment

Classification:Natural pigment

Source:Bixa orettana seeds

Appearance:Reddish brown liquid, lumpy, powdery.


Product Details

Annatto is a natural edible yellow-orange pigment made from the surface of the carmine tree seed. There are two kinds of water-soluble and oil-soluble because of different methods.

Water-soluble carmine orange is a red to brown liquid, lumps, powder, or paste with a slight odor. The main pigment component is the sodium or potassium salt of norbixin (Norbixin, C24H28O4 = 380.48), which is a hydrolysate of red lignin. It has very good dyeability and poor sunlight resistance. It is soluble in water. , Insoluble in acid, the pH value should be around 8.0 when using this product.

Oil-soluble carmine orange is a red to brown solution or suspension. The main pigment component is red wood lignin (Bixin, C25H30O4 = 394.5). Red lignin is orange-purple crystal, melting point 217 ° C (decomposed), soluble in alkaline solution, insoluble in acid and can form a precipitate, insoluble in water, soluble in oil, propylene glycol, acetone, not easily oxidized

Function and Usage:

Annatto has a good affinity for milk protein, suitable for cheese and cheese products; its color ranges from orange to yellow; used for meat food, candy, baked goods, beverages, snacks and other foods, especially suitable for cooked meat products Coloring.

Package and Delivery:

Packed by export grade cardboard drum outside, food grade double plastic bag inside.

25kg per drum.

Shipped by Air,Sea and Express.

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